The purpose of my life is to share the stories of how I learned to overcome multiple serious and often life threatening health, physical and mental challenges so that they may inspire others to believe…

Miracles in life don’t just happen… You live life to make them happen!”

A Series of fortunate events…

Below is a list of the top 10 life challenges that I have prevailed in overcoming and for which I express my sincerest gratitude to the universe for being chosen to receive. For it is from the lessons I learned through these healing, recovering and learning experiences that I am evolving into who I am truly meant to become.

Footnote: CDA stands for Commonly Diagnosed As.

  • I have CCD: (Curiosity, Creativity & Determination).
    CDA: OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (1961-present)
    Treatment: I became an entrepreneur, business leader, activist, legal adviser, mathematician, physicist, engineer, scientist, musician, writer, artist, psychologist, philosopher, and inventor, only to discover that I am just a simple man born with a very complex mind.
  • I have: LLP (Limitless Learning Potential)
    CDA: Learning Disorders and labeled as being unteachable by education system when I was 8 years old(1969-present)
    Treatment: I became a writer, artist, musician, philosopher, inventor and a storyteller
  • I have PFB: (Perfectly Flawed Brain).
    CDA: Permanent brain damage resulting from sustaining multiple serious childhood head injuries (1971, 1974 and 1978).
  • Treatment: I live life filled with curiosity,, wonder and amazement while exploring, discovering and embracing the boundless reality of infinite possibility
  • I have: AIM (Always In Motion).
    CDA: Involuntary muscular seizures, spasms and tremors due to neuromuscular and neurological damage resulting from multiple spinal cord and brain trauma injuries.(1971-present)
    Treatment: I grab my cell phone, put on my favorite pair of headphones, put on my favorite music playlist, then I crank up the volume to the max and hit the trails for a long walk, contemplating the boundless reality of infinite possibility in the world that surrounds me.
  • I have: AMO: (Always Moving Onward)
    Was declared a paraplegic by medical professionals and that I would never walk again when I was 10 after breaking my back, both legs, both knees, right ankle and multiple foot bones combined with  serious brain trauma injuries from a universally determinant event that occured while water skiing. (1971). Since then I have broken my back 3 more times(1974,1978 and 2011).
    Treatment: I walk between 8 to 10 miles every day without fail! In fact everywhere I have ever lived I have become known as “The Walking Guy”.
  • I have: PMI (Purpose Meaning and Integrity)
    CDA: osteoporosis, scoliosis, irreparable spinal cord damage, multiple damaged discs, degenerative bone disease and rheumatoid arthritis in my back(1971-present)
    Treatment: While learning how to overcome these challenges I became actively involved in Human Rights, Special Needs Education, Mental Health, Ethical and Socially Responsible Business Practices and other social and economic reforms.
    CDA: Legally classified as a Persons With Disabilities and unable to work due to physical injury and other health challenges: (2012-present)
    Treatment: I began manifesting my
    ‘Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” in ways that would serve the betterment of humanity which in turn manifested into becoming “The Living Orchard Corporation” in 2016.
  • I have TTBA (Thankful To Be Alive!)
    CDA: Chronic debilitating pain. (1971-present)
    Treatment: I give thanks every day for receiving every one of these special gifts for it is through learning how to overcome them that I have become the person I am today!.

in gratitude,
Bill Macquis – The ‘Q’ Guru