a world where…

Everyone serves, respects and protects the fundamental human right to be able to live life with purpose, meaning and integrity.

Everyone freely and openly shares their knowledge so that may inspire others to fully explore, discover and embrace their own unique creative free thinking and original thought processing potential. 

Everyone can live LIFE with “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality”.

I invite you to join with us in peacefully transforming these “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” into a global reality.

Mo’Joe Macquis – founding landscaper of The Living Orchard Corporation

These “Dreams, Inspirations Visions and Aspirations” are the very core principles, values and missions The Living Orchard Corporation and its family of “Thinking Learning and Creative” communities are peaceably working to accomplish. The family of communities consists of The ‘mindology ARC’, ‘My Nuances’, ‘Innoventioneering’ and ‘The Q Affinity’.

The “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” for legally establishing The Living Orchard Corporation was so it could serve as a real world working social-economic business model to showcase how to build, develop and grow a socially responsible, accountable and sustainable business along and social & economic community peaceably transforming these Dreams, Inspiration, Visions and Aspiration into becoming a global reality in their own ways.

‘mindology’ ARC… ‘my nuances’… Innoventioneering…
mindology ARC my nuances

The ‘Q’ Affinity…

The 'Q' Affinity

“We invite you to come and join us on our journey exploring, discovering and embracing the boundless reality of infinite possibility…”


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