My Nuances

explore, discover and liberate your boundless creative free thinking and original thought processing potential…

“Intelligence is the natural human instinct to explore, discover, create and share…”

Mannie.M founding innoventioneer of ‘My Nuances’

Welcome to…

“My Nuances”, a global open “Thinking Learning and Creative” community that specializes in exploring, discovering and embracing the infinite human potentiality for creative free thinking and original thought processing capabilities. They use their cumulative knowledge, wisdom and experiences in this field in ways to peaceably transform the world around them into one where everyone can live LIFE with “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality”.

The community also serves as the core collaboration center for the The Living Orchard Corporation. This community works collaboratively with the “mindologyARC”, “Innoventioneering” and “The ‘Q’ Affinity” communities to develop, produce, support and distribute a family of ‘Synaptic Learning‘ tools and material which are made freely available through the company’s “The ‘Q’ Affinity” Mental, Health, Wealth and Wellness Initiative.


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